Achieve a Healthy Mind through Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

Achieve a Healthy Mind through Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

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Our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes all play a role in how we handle situations. But the problem is, more times than not, a pattern of negative thinking is developed in the brain. Frequent criticism, cynical thoughts, and denial can create neural pathways in your brain that encourage low moods. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program focuses on changing the automatic negative thoughts that can contribute to and worsen emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety.

Negativity in your life is often a product of insecurity or depression. It can stem from various life occurrences, including illness, personality issues, substance abuse, family issues, and life events. Like many habit forms, negativity can become frequent and dangerous to your health. It can even cause the brain to distort the truth, which makes it even harder to break the negative cycle. However, with the help of our specialized CBT counselors, you can learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns. Engaging with CBT can help you cope with situations that you normally find challenging.

We will help you to not only identify your thought patterns during these situations but instill strategies to challenge these thoughts and replace them with more objective, realistic thoughts. Techniques may include journaling, relaxation methods, role-playing, and mental distractions.

As we get into our program, you will begin to realize what thoughts are holding you back and how best to overcome them in real-world situations. For example, a person with a substance use disorder will be able to practice new coping skills and rehearse ways to avoid it or deal with a social situation that could potentially trigger a relapse.

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CBT models were created by therapists around 50 years ago to treat depression. Due to its success, there are now models for treating a wide range of conditions. Examples include; panic disorder, insomnia, social phobia, addictions, anger, eating disorders, and dental phobia to name a few.

Research has also shown that CBT can reduce symptoms of health conditions that some other treatments are unable to relieve. If you or a family member are seeking the services of Cognitive Behavioral therapy within Florida, then you have come to the right place.

At South Florida Counselling Solutions we serve Homestead, Miami-Dade County with services also available in Miramar, Broward County. Everyone’s needs are different, so we offer a competent, caring, and tailored approach for each of our clients. Give us a call on: (786) 244-2028 for a free consultation, or schedule your appointment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Online Services

If you live further away, or you feel more comfortable taking part in our therapy program from the comfort of your home, we will gladly assist. Our team of therapists provides online Zoom sessions or phone sessions, whichever you prefer.

CBT is a proven psychotherapeutic treatment that helps transform ways of thinking and behaving that stand in the way of positive outcomes. Join our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program today and begin your journey of changing your thought patterns for a happier, healthier life. We look forward to helping you.

Since inner health consists of multiple areas of concern, including mental, emotional, relationship, spiritual and more, our trained staff will address each area that may be blocking your path. For other types of therapies, view our full range of services.

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